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Faster - Simplified data classification - Installation under Windows - MD IIa.


The software capable of exploiting long-duration Holter recordings, up to 21 days.

Quick Reader

  • Dongle or permanent soft holter license

    Signal analysis, rhythm analysis, ST analysis, editing and correction of families, events, histograms, conclusion writing, printing of the general report.

    Complementary analyses:

    - PR and QT intervals

    - Temporal and frequential sinus variability. The period analyzed can be chosen from 15' to the duration of the recording. Printing of results on demand.

    - Pace-Maker: search for spikes on the ECG and automatic classification of trained QRS. Analysis of operating modes and spikes-spikes intervals (spontaneous rhythm, mono or double chamber).

    Ability to export data,


    KLQ-95 (Dongle)  KLQL-95 (Soft license)

    1 year subscription

    Same functions as the permanent. For each re-subscription, Holter Supplies offers 300 AFT Light reading tokens.

    KLQ-95-12 (Dongle) or KLQL-95-12 (soft license).

    Coin operated dongle

    Alternative to previous licenses, with the same analysis possibilities, for each new patient analyzed, the stock of tokens is reduced by one unit.



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